What it claims:
1.Oil free gel of high permeability penetrates deeply into the pores and kills bacteria.
2.Suppresses inflammation and prevents acne.
3.Controls excessive sebum and prevent further breakouts.
4.Cleansed dead skin cells so deeply and thoroughly with no pore clogging.

My take on the product:

As it claims it is truly a oil free acne gel.It doesn't look greasy on skin.Kills bacteria, reduces acne size and makes them invisible.Result is visible within one night.The best thing is it doesn't burn skin and form dry patches like other medicated creams/gels.

Have a look what it says on its back>>>

.In my teenage acne troubled me a lot.I don't have any acne's/rashes now for about past 3 years.But most of the time there are some tiny bumps on my forehead and visible rashes around my nose after using a foundation.I just simply apply a small amount to the target area and the next day those rashes/bumps look quite invisible.As it is a gel it penetrates quickly into the skin

Acne is my terrifying nightmare.I started using this gel since it is launched in bd.I just can't live without this gel.I am Currently on my third tube and stored 2 tubes for future.LOL...

Overall this is a decent product to try and its quite cheap too.Give it a try! It might give you acne free skin like mine.

Availability: any superstore or shopping mall.

P.S: I am not a expert, try this at your own risk.


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