Review: Lotus Herbal Almond Youth Anti-Wrinkle Creme

Today I'll talk about an Anti-wrinkle creme from my mom’s dresser. It is Lotus Herbal Almond youth Anti-wrinkle Creme. I am just 22years so I feel it’s quite early for me to start using anti-aging products on myself. I am gonna share my moms experience for this review.

Lotus says, it's a natural rich cream that checks premature aging of skin caused by chlorine in water, atmospheric pollution and ill health. The combination of almond oil and other herbal extracts tighten skin pores, preserve elasticity of skin and bring out clear, fresh, younger looking skin.

Like other lotus herbal cream products this Almond youth creme also comes in a heavy glass made tub which is a con for traveling with this.

The consistency of this creme is slightly on the thicker side.It has a very mild smell to it.The smell is not so overpowering, it does vanish with the application.But personally me nor my mom didn't liked the smell of it..!! Before opening the creme the pictures from the packaging made us think that it might contain a yummy scent.But it totally proved us wrong!

Lotus says it's a creme for all skin type.But no! this creme is for dry skinned peoples.It's slightly on the oilier side that works well on dry skin for moisturization.Those with extremely oily skin should stay away from this cream in summer time. But during this winter oily skin people also can give it a try.It's very smooth and glides on skin very easily by adding subtle glow to skin..Skin looks even toned and flawless after few applications.
My mom says, she has not any high expectations from this creme for reducing the appearance of Wrinkles and fine lines.As she has a dry skin she is loving this as a good moisturizing creme.

For a 50mg tub, it will cost 590tk bdt.Available in any good local cosmetics shop.

so, this was a little review based on my moms experience. Please let me know about your experience if you have tried or gonna try this product..!!

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