Meena Herbal Conditioning Shampoo : Review

Meena Herbal conditioning shampoo launched by Meena Herbal probably 4 or 5 months back. It's pre-launched & post-launched samples were sent to me for review purpose.
So, today I will be sharing my thoughts on my first ever tried Bangladeshi Brand Shampoo.

Meena says, it's a herbal conditioning shampoo enriched with honey and aloe vera that restores lost moisture and makes hair shinny, silky and smooth. For best results, they suggest to use it thrice in a week.

Meena products are available at any good beauty supply store, mostly in Dhaka city I believe. The Shampoo prices 220tk bdt. for a 200ml bottle. Packaging is similar to other branded shampoo's, comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip cap opening. The shampoo itself is lime green in color. Consistency is not too creamy or thin, I would say it's a moderate one. As, I have very thick, heavy and much long hair it takes quite a good amount to cover up my entire hair length, which I don't mind.

Now, ask me, Is it beyond my expectations?? YES, it is..!! As, this my first ever try on a local brand shampoo, I was in a dilemma should I try this or not? But truly speaking I am simply amazed how this product worked!!  I always shampoo my hair on the 2nd day and before shampooing I use oil to get a better shampoo result. I regularly use conditioner on my hair. But this shampoo conditioned and moisturized really well even when I didn't use conditioner. I have used both the pre & post launched samples, both qualities are same. It gives enough moisture, makes hair smooth & shinny. No visible hair-fall was noticed during or after usage.

In total, if you are looking for one particular product which does both cleaning and moisturizing then this is it !! I wouldn't mind spending money on this. Hope this review helps those who wants to try this product.

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NOTE:  I am not being paid or biased for doing this review.Products are sent by companies themselves.I tried them and gave here my honest opinion for you all.I am not a professional.So, if using this causes you any issues I’ll not be responsible at all.Look for the ingredient list first then decide whether to use it or not.


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