How to do a dark smokey eye

Doesn't your eye shadows show their true color on your lids?? Do they seem colorless to you??
I have got a simple solution for you and it is called "eye shadow base".

An eye shadow base make eye shadows appear more vibrant.Using a base, prevents passing light through shadows during flash photography and makes the color look more opaque.For a dark smokey eye a dark base is a must.
***Here are some tips for you>>>>>>>>>


1. For darker shadows you can simply use a soft black/dark brown kohl pencil underneath.Smudge and spread it lightly using your finger tip or a brush.

2. For lighter shades use a little bit of concealer lighter than your natural skin tone and set it very well with setting powder.Then apply your shadow.Sometimes using a concealer
can crease your eyeshadow.If you have oily lids don't use concealer.

3. Mac paintpots, maybelline color tattoos can be used as a base.Nyx jumbo pencils are a good alternative.They are cheap, easy to smudge and also come in a lot of shades.

4.A lot of youtube gurus highly recommend using a primer first then a shadow base.Primers prevent your shadow from creasing and increase their staying power.

5.Personally i don't feel like using primers, never faced any eyeshadow creasing (if i have no creasing issues then why should i spend on a primer.....hahhhhh!!!!). I simply apply my base and put my shadows over it.


Look in the pic, how a dark base has made the colors more vibrant.So, girlzzzzzzz always use a base when you do your eyes.

U can also use pencil eyeliners.

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