Eid-Ul-Azha / Durga Puja Inspired Makeup Look:Magenta Smokey Eye

Hey everyone, I am Back with another step by step pictorial this time specially for my Hindu
readers & also for my regular readers too! From past few years we have noticed that the
biggest festival for all Hindu's around the world 'Durga Puja and for all Muslim's
Eid-Ul-Azha Is been celebrated almost at the same time of the year.
So, I thought of creating a makeup look that will be more
appropriate for celebrating Puja also can be wearable at
Eid night or any parties!

I thought to wear a traditional saree for this look. So, picked a deep purple silk katan saree with heavily designed border.Wore bindi/tip, handful of red reshmi churi's (glass made bangles ) and pearl earrings to add extra festive feel to the look. And yes did a fishtail braid rather than a bun. I think braids suit me more than a bun. Skipped wearing vermillion cause i don't wanna hurt anyone's religious views.

Enough of blabbering let's jump into the pictorial  :)

1.  Add a piece of tape starting from the outer corner of your lower lash line towards your eyebrow to create
                         a sharp outer edge. Then draw your crease area with a brown pencil eyeliner.

2.  Blend that harsh line nicely with a pencil brush. Now fill up the lid area with a white base and blend it.

3. Now, with a soft blending brush blend out the crease with a light brown color. Darken up the crease by applying a black eyeshadow and blend it out very well. 

4. Now apply a very rich pigmented magenta color eyeshadow to your lid area and slowly blend everything with a clean blending brush. Apply a matte black eyeshadow on the outer " v "  area and blend into the crease.

5. Then apply a pale gold shimmery eyeshadow under your
brow for highlight.

6. Line your eyes with a liquid/gel eyeliner. Line both upper and lower lash line and blend with a black eyeshadow first then with the magenta eyeshadow on the outer half.

Here i used a gel eyeliner with a thin angle liner brush for creating this double winged effect. Applied a white eyeliner in between those double wings to make it look more attractive!
Sorry this procedure can't be shown only with picture's!

Lastly, apply mascara, groom your brows and wear lipstick on your lips. Wear red/pink lipstick as your preference. Use a rosey pink blush and do a strong contour under your cheekbone using a bronzer. And your makeover is complete!


~Product list~
                         1. Nivea ideal finish mousse foundation mixed with Maybelline dream mousse foundation
2. Costal scents eclipse concealer pallete
3. Maybelline dream matte powder.
 4. Blush & bronzer from : Nyx haute jersey palette.
 5. Eyeshadows: Shany cosmetics 120 color eyeshadow palette.
 5. Loreal infailable eyeliner : black
6. Elf cream eyeliner: black.
 7. Nyx jumbo pencil: milk
8. Loreal voluminous carbon black mascara.
9.Wet n wild lipstick: don't blink pink.

Hope you will like this look and don't forget to let me know if you are going to try this look.
Take care & celebrate your respective festival in fullest. :)
                                                                   Thank you all for reading.

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