How to keep your face shine free for hours!!!

chemists shop. Mine is from ACME Laboratories. It's really cheap, costed around 60tk bdt. Previously it was around 28tk bdt but now they increased the rate. I asked the chemist for milk of magnesia then he showed the same product from two different companies, one from ACME and the other one from OPSONIN/INCEPTA maybe i'm not sure ( sorry, forget the brand name). That  was cheap around 26tk bdt. and expiring date was near so i got the ACME one for me.

How To Apply this

First things first. Cleanse,tone and moisturize your face with your skin friendly products.

Now, before applying your foundation (cream/liquid/mousse) shake the bottle very well and take a small amount on a cotton ball and apply this to your face. Put a thinnest layer of that to the areas that tends to get shiny on you. In my case my whole face gets oily when i do makeup so i apply it on my whole face. Dab it with your fingers into the skin. Clean fingers obviously!! In case if are not willing to do makeup apply a thinnest possible layer of that.

The reason behind using a thinnest possible layer because if you apply a thick layer it can leave you a white flim. A little bit of this huge amount of product will last for a very very long time. :D 
Leave this to dry completely and then proceed to your makeup by foundationing, concealing and bla bla bla as you normally do. Foundation doesn't melt with Milk of Magnesia so don't worry about that.

As hours will go by you will notice your skin definitely looks matte for much longer. :)


Do a patch test on the back of your hand before you use it on your face if you are allergic to or not. I do not recommend using this on daily basis because it can dry out your skin.But for your special days this baby is a life saver!!!!

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Thank you for reading.


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