Banana Smoothie Hair Mask || DIY

Bananas!!! A delicious fruit that is available whole year round. They are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and they smell aHHmazing!!! But overripe bananas has a very strong smell to them, i can't eat that!

So one beautiful morning my mom was about to throw some overripe bananas in the bin. I instantly got an idea for my next DIY project. :D

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My hair is not so dry and not so oily. But i have a super oily scalp. My hair is very thick and heavy, kind of wavy on the front and straight on backside. I didn't got a hair trim for last one year because I wanted to grow them up up to waist length for getting a nice new haircut. Yess!! I succeeded on that!

So during this hair lengthening period my hair get a bit over dried. This mask has brought life to them. They felt really nice and shinny, and obviously very very soft. And oh! that yummy smell!! Loved that smell!!

So let's see what we need for this wowsome! moisturizing hair treatment.

Ingredients: ( measurements are according to my hair length )

2 banana (medium) 3 tablespoons yogurt 1/2 cup milk or water ( I prefer milk ) 3 tablespoons honey A blender A strainer


Take your blender. Put all the ingredients inside and start blending until it forms a smoothie like texture. Pour it into a bowl and Ta Da!! It's ready to use. You can strain this mixture if you want a smooth saloon like texture to your mask.

How to apply:

Before applying the mask make sure you are wearing a dark color t-shirt/dress because this application gets a bit messy. Completely cover your hair from root to tip with you hair mask. If possible wear a shower cap to prevent any further dripping. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and rinse off with water. Shampoo your hair, rinse off with water. Then do air dry/ blow dry as your preference.

**After washing with so much water you will notice banana residues are stucked into your hair. But worry not these will fall off after your hair is completely dry.
I actually loved this hair mask so much. It made my heavy hair so light that i feel there’s no weight to it and it smells lovely.

Try it once. I am sure you are gonna love it!! I am doing these at least two times in a month and I am loving it!!

Did you tried this banana smoothie/milkshake mask on yours?? Don't forget to share your experience. :)


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