Review: Meena Herbal Hand & Foot Scrub

MeenaHerbal.This much renowned Bangladeshi manufacturer has began its journey in early 2003 with the aim to provide the customers a range of herbal products which would actually be healthy and safe.
Recently this company has introduced  their new soul shower product range which includes two type of scrubs and a supple skin product range which includes a miracle face pack, a miracle face-wash.
In december’13 all the newly released products were sent to me by the company for reviewing purpose.So, here today I will be reviewing one of them.
My today’s review is on from the soul shower range. It’s the Meena Herbal Hand  & Foot Scrub”.

Firstly, I would say about the packaging.For a 150tk bdt. product, hands down meena herbal team has done a great job.Packaging is very sleek and looks much attractive.This is not cheap looking at all.I liked the concept of  squeeze up tube with the screw top cap.Using this screw top rather than using the flip top cap made it much travel friendly in my opinion.

Before opening the cap, I thought it might contain a bit strong  scent.But the product itself actually smells really nice.It doesn’t smell chemicalish or something.Those who don’t like fragrance in their beauty stuffs I bet they will rarely unlike this scent.

The scrub is off white in color and has a very creamy consistency.It has very fine scrubbing granules in it  which is very much convenient for a gentle scrubbing effect.Those tiny scrubbing granules are not scratchy at all.They are very gentle on skin.

I used this during my shower as instructed on the back of the tube.Took a small amount of it, rubbed it all over my hands and feet.Then added a little Luke warm water.Rubbed again for a while and rinsed off with Luke warm water.

It takes off all those dead skin and skin felt very soft after scrubbing.Rather than skin softening  there is no visible miraculous result after the first use.But yeah with  a routine regular use it does reduce tan and smoothens your skin.Skin didn't felt dried after scrubbing.

Now this particular product claims to take care of your manicure and pedicure needs at home.Personally I am not a mani/pedi/parlor going girl.So, this kind  of  locally available ready-made products are a must have product for all the busy ladies who opt for a home manicure and pedicure.And 100g product for only 150tk bdt.  is really worth a try..!

So, yeah I would rate this product a
8/10.I recommend this to all you beauty concerned ladies.Please give it once a try. It’s cheap, super affordable, good quality,easily available and not to say manufactured by a solely Bangladeshi company.Meena products are available all over Bangladesh.
To buy online plz visit  (for Bangladesh only)

So, this was my take on “Meena Herbal Hand & Foot Scrub”. More reviews are coming soon.Stay in touch with us..

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NOTE:  I am not being paid or biased for doing this review.Products are sent by companies themselves.I tried them and gave here my honest opinion for you all.I am not a professional.So, if using this causes you any issues I’ll not be responsible at all.Look for the ingredient list first then decide whether to use it or not.


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