Lancome Miracle Perfume-Review

Lancome Miracle is a modern, oriental fragrance with fruity opening (litchi), slightly spiced flowery heart (magnolia, jasmine, ginger and pepper), and base of musk and amber. Launched in 2000.

Miracle falls effortlessly into the floral-fruity category. It's perfectly balanced between the two. While this doesn't make Miracle a particularly interesting fragrance at all.

This is spicy in the opening, then fades down to a lovely and feminine floral fruit. Sometimes I can still get a whiff of ginger later on and it adds complexity to the scent. The litchi is very dominant so make sure you can tolerate that note.

One con I can only say, is the bottle. I think that it looks too simple and unelegant! With a 67$ Lancome pricing we deserve something more nicer.
Overall it's a good spring/summer time perfume, and perfect for going to work, since it's not pesky, quiet, feminine and very classy.
It lasts pretty well on me and never gave me a headache.

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