Meena Herbal Oil Control Face Wash : Review

Meena Herbal Oil Control Facewash is a another new product from Meena Herbal's supple skin product range. It's been launched recently in market. This product claims to be a oil controlling one with clove and cinnamon extract for pimple and oil control.

Packaging is very much similar as the meena miracle face wash. I have one complain for this supple skin range products. Packaging color is almost same for the current three products of this range.
Previous two products ( miracle mask & miracle face wash) were in red tube and the new oil control one is in a orangy red tube packaging. I feel if they have used different colors from different color family for all the three products, it would have been easy to differentiate them by seeing a glance of them.

Texture of this product is quiet runny which i didn't like. It starts dripping off from the tube even before i squeeze. sad..! :(

Now the smell of this face wash is hard for me to describe, kind of soapy chemicalish scent. It feels tingly while lathering. Skin didn't felt super dry after washing with it. Controls oil for me nearly about 4 hours if I'm staying at home.

So, it's a fair product at 120tk bdt . It does what it claims. Controls oil and about the acne control, I didn't  broke out while using this.

Fair product, budget friendly, does what it claims..!!  Do I need to say more..?

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NOTE:  I am not being paid or biased for doing this review.Products are sent by companies themselves.I tried them and gave here my honest opinion for you all.I am not a professional.So, if using this causes you any issues I’ll not be responsible at all.Look for the ingredient list first then decide whether to use it or not.


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