Meena Herbal Miracle Facewash : Review

MeenaHerbal.This much renowned Bangladeshi manufacturer has began its journey in early 2003 with the aim to provide the customers a range of herbal products which would actually be healthy and safe.
Recently this company has introduced their new soul shower product range which includes two type of scrubs and a supple skin product range which includes a miracle face pack, a miracle face-wash.

In december’13 all the newly released products were sent to me by the company for reviewing purpose.So, here today I will be reviewing one of them.

My today’s review is on "Meena Herbal Miracle Face-wash".

Packaging is very much similar as the meena oil control face wash. Size of the tube is very handy which opens up with a flip up lid. I have one complain for this supple skin range products. Packaging color is almost same for the current three products of this range. I feel if they have used different colors from different color family for all the three products, it would have been easy to differentiate them by seeing a glance of them.

Texture of this product is gel like peachy in color. It claims to contain natural ingredients like honey and aloe I find it smells somewhat sweet. Liked it..! It doesn't foam up though applies really well and leaves a soft smooth skin after rinsing without drying out skin.

Now, if you ask me, do I like this product if I'm wearing any makeup on..? I would say, NO. It's a good face wash for daily use but it doesn't help much if you are wearing any makeup on. Lipstick, waterproof mascara etc. it doesn't clean up well.

So, if you are a Non-Makeup wearer like me on daily basis, this product is for you. It's for all skin types and also acne prone skinned peoples can use it too. Highly recommend to try out this one. I really really liked it..!

Costs 120tk bdt, can be found easily at any Meena Bazar outlets.

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NOTE:  I am not being paid or biased for doing this review.Products are sent by companies themselves.I tried them and gave here my honest opinion for you all.I am not a professional.So, if using this causes you any issues I’ll not be responsible at all.Look for the ingredient list first then decide whether to use it or not.


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