Freeman Mint and Lemon Clay Mask Review

From the the past few months I am going through a serious " Skincare Phase ". I have never been a skincare addict like this before but since this newly started skin routine is showing pretty good results on me, so I am not seeing myself not taking care of my skin anymore. So let's jump into the review.

My first hands on impression on this product was- Yuckkkk!!! Yes, It smelled so so bad while I opened the cap for smelling it.

Packaging is standard. I personally prefer tube packaging rather than tubs. Tube packaging feels clean and they are much easy to use. Also this mask comes in travel size pack too.

The Mask itself is aqua blue in color. Consistency is not too thick nor too thin. I put this on my face and leave it on till it dries completely. I personally don't notice a difference in the effect of the mask if I leave it on for a longer or shorter amount of time so I'm not sure how much that matters. Afterwards, I wet a towel with warm water to take off the mask and rinse my face with my regular face wash.

Now come to the effectiveness. I am using it from quite a few months and I think this stuff is good. Not something miraculous but works i think. Clears out my pores, leaves them unclogged. But what I notice mostly is whenever my skin is disturbed it helps calming down. Face feels refreshed and clean afterwards. It has a little drying after effect and its obvious for me because I use " The Body Shop- Tea Tree Face Wash " to clean the residues so, a good moisturization is a must after every use.

Overall, I think its a good stuff for anyone with oily to combination skin. Its much affordable and does the  unclogging job done.

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