Clinique dramatically different gel || Review

Clinique has couple of different type of moisturizers but if you are oily, I mean really OILY get the dramatically different gel one.

It says dramatically different. It is actually different than any other moisturizers I have ever tried. This is a part of their 3 step skincare. Its for oily to combination skin which is my skin type,
its allergy tested and also fragrance free which makes it ideal for sensitive acne prone skin.

Its super light weight formula feels silky smooth on skin. Acts basically like a absorbent, leaves your skin looking matte.
It doesn't cause you going oily throughout the day. I feel it evened out the texture and improved the quality of my skin overtime.

I love it. I like the effect once you put the gel on your face. Very soothing. I just think its lil pricey, but worth purchasing another if i ran out.


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